Mental Health and Well Being.

Psychology is the study of the workings of the mind, and the resultant behaviours. It explores conscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings, looking at the various factors and pressures from biological and / or social and environmental influences that cause mental health and behavioural issues. The practice of Psychology is about understanding, preventing and / or treating distress and dysfunction of the mind and promoting wellbeing and personal development.

Psychology covers a vast field of study and can be applied to several areas such as motivation, performance enhancement, mental health, ergonomics, learning disabilities, social interaction, developmental growth, physical disability, mental growth and development and many others.

There are various types of Psychologists who practice various specialities. For example, a Child Psychologist may focus on the development of a child which plays an important role in their growth into an adult. Child Psychologists help children develop and grow in ways that are healthy and appropriate. Educational Psychologists are trained to help with learning disabilities as well as career guidance. Clinical Psychologists aim to treat more severe mental health issues.

The Durban North Smile Center seeks to provide a holistic approach to wellness and well-being by offering related services under one roof. For example, it is also the first Cleft / Lip Palate Center in Kwa – Zulu Natal and among other disciplinaries it aims to support and assist families in coping with conditions related to birth abnormalities such as Cleft Lip / Palate.

Let us help start the journey to that inner smile!