Keeping you Smiling in Difficult Times

Keeping you Smiling in Difficult Times

Covid – 19 has dealt us all a heavy hand, but at the Durban North Smile Center we are determined to bring back smiles during this otherwise chaotic and confusing time. The safety and well-being of staff, and patients is a top priority and while we acknowledge that the risks related to infectious disease may not be completely eliminated, we assure you that we have gone over and above in order to ensure patient and staff safety.

Help us help you...

Some Health Tips in Short...

Wear your mask

Wear your mask

Social Distancing
Practice Social Distancing (1.5m away from the next person)
Wash frequently
Wash (For 20 seconds with soap and water) / Disinfect your Hands
Avoid contact
Avoid touching objects and surfaces
Stay home

Stay at home if
you feel unwell

Disinfect frequently

Clean and disinfect frequently
touched objects (Like your phone)

Correct etiquette

Practice the correct etiquette when coughing
or sneezing (Into a tissue / Into the elbow)

Some Links to great sites for further information: